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2005 National Summit on Recovery

In September 2005, SAMHSA’s Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (SAMHSA/CSAT) brought together a diverse group of leaders representing the treatment and recovery fields for the National Summit on Recovery. At this Summit a broad-based consensus was reached on guiding principles of recovery and elements of recovery-oriented systems.

The three goals outlined and achieved at 2005 National Summit on Recovery were:

  • Develop new ideas to transform policy, services, and systems toward a recovery-oriented paradigm.
  • Articulate guiding principles and measures of recovery that can be used across programs and services.
  • Generate ideas for advancing recovery oriented systems of care in various settings and systems.

This report is of interest to systems administrators, policy makers, recovery advocates, treatment practitioners and providers, recovery community members, family members, and others who are interested in advancing the concept of recovery and recovery-oriented systems of care.

The full report from the 2005 National Summit on Recovery is now available for download online at

Support for the National Summit on Recovery was provided jointly by the SAMHSA Partners for Recovery Initiative CSAT’s Recovery Community Services Program.

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