HCV Current Products and Resources


HCV RNA Provider Card

The HCV RNA Provider Card is a small pocket tool to guide medical and behavioral health professionals when discussing HCV RNA test results with patients.

The front side provides a visual of the testing algorithm and the back side provides step-by-step instructions for discussing results with patients.

The product will be distributed at in-person training events and can be downloaded for free on the HCV Current website. Hard copies will also be distributed at live training events.

Download a PDF version of the HCV RNA Provider Card

Hepatitis C Infographic and Initiative Overview

This document provides important facts about HCV and offers comprehensive information on the HCV Current initiative.

Download a PDF version of the Hepatitis C Infographic and Initiative Overview

Motivational Interviewing to Address Hepatitis C - Vignettes

Learn through example by watching any or all of six vignettes which illustrate how, through MI, practitioners can help their patients develop intrinsic motivation to be tested for HCV and to feel positive about making a responsible health decision. Each unique scenario features a trained motivational interviewer speaking with a patient at risk for hepatitis C. The videos portray a diverse group of backgrounds and life experiences.

Motivational Interviewing Vignettes

National HCV Products and Resources


SAMHSA's TIP #53: Addressing Viral Hepatitis in People with Substance Use Disorders

This publication assists behavioral health professionals who treat people with substance abuse problems in understanding the implications of a diagnosis of hepatitis. It also discusses screening, diagnosis, and referrals and explains how to evaluate a program's hepatitis practices.

Download a PDF version of TIP #53

National Viral Hepatitis Action Plan 2017-2020

Our nation's battle plan for fighting viral hepatitis in the United States. The updated plan outlines strategies to achieve four major goals and includes indicators to help track progress between now and 2020. The goals are:

  • Goal 1: Prevent new viral hepatitis infections
  • Goal 2: Reduce deaths and improve the health of people living with viral hepatitis
  • Goal 3: Reduce viral hepatitis health disparities
  • Goal 4: Coordinate, monitor, and report on implementation of viral hepatitis activities

Download a PDF version of the Action Plan

Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinators

This list is prepared by the Division of Viral Hepatitis and the National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD & TB Prevention. It contains the state/city, the Program Manager Coordinator, e-mail address, phone number and website.

Center's for Disease Control Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinators list