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The purpose of the educational program is the formation of high quality health professionals to provide services of excellence in substance abuse treatment and prevention in response to need in the community. The Substance Abuse Counseling Program confers a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling degree aiming to impart the knowledge, skills and competences to provide substance abuse counseling services to individual clients, their families, groups, and others in the community. In addition the program offers a Masters in Health Science in Substance Abuse Counseling with the goal of imparting the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable Counselors to provide and supervise services and to plan, manage, and evaluate substance abuse programs for prevention and treatment in public and private organizations.

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Contact Information

Dr. Eric González, Director
Family Medicine Department
Universidad Central del Caribe
PO Box 60327
Bayamon, Puerto Rico 00960-6032

Last Updated: 07/28/2016