Personalized Computer-Based Therapy Effective for Treatment-Resistant Methadone Patients

In this study (not performed in the CTN), researchers examined the impact of replacing half the standard counseling sessions in a methadone maintenance program with TES.

This article may be of interest to those following the impact of NIDA Clinical Trials Network protocol CTN-0044, which examined the use of a web-delivered psychosocial treatment for substance use disorders called the Therapeutic Education System (TES).

Analyses found that standard +TES produced significantly better opioid abstinence than standard treatment alone for participants with:
a moderate or high frequency of lifetime SUD treatment episodes, and all three levels (low, moderate, and high) of detoxification and inpatient/outpatient treatment episodes.

The standard+TES condition also enhanced cocaine abstinence compared to standard treatment among participants with:

  • a moderate or high frequency of lifetime SUD treatment episodes,
  • a high level of detoxification episodes, and
  • a moderate or high level of inpatient treatment history.

Conclusions: Technology-based behavioral therapy as part of methadone maintenance treatment can be more effective than standard treatment alone, especially among patients with a history of multipleaddiction treatment episodes. This evidence underscores the finding that personalized computer-based SUD therapy offers promise for treatment-resistant patients who may require prolonged treatment and care.

Funding for this Addiction Science Made Easy project is provided by the Addiction Technology Transfer Center National Office, under the cooperative agreement from the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment of SAMHSA.

Articles were written based on the following published research:

Kim SJ, et al. Can persons with a history of multiple addiction treatment episodes benefit from technology delivered behavior therapy? A moderating role of treatment history at baseline. Addictive Behaviors 2015 (in press). [Find more: 10.1016/j.addbeh.2015.11.009]