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Rates and Reasons for Use of Tobacco Products by Clients in SUD Treatment 10/01/2018
Internet-Delivered Intervention Equally Effective for People with Diverse Cognitive Function 10/01/2018
What Factors Help Shape Long-Term Abstinence from Opioids? 09/01/2018
Gender Differences in Individuals with Opioid Use Disorder Receiving Inpatient Care 09/01/2018
Frequency of Cannabis Use and Behavioral Health Conditions in Primary Care Patients in WA 08/01/2018
Combining Urine Tests with Self-Report May Be More Accurate for Measuring Cannabis Abstinence 08/01/2018
Behavioral Treatment for SUD Also Reduces Sexual Risk Behaviors 07/01/2018
Genetic Variants May Predict Dropout Rates from Methadone Treatment 07/01/2018
Brief Measure Reliable/Valid in Assessing Suicidality in People with Stimulant Use Disorder 06/01/2018
Sex Differences in Opioid Use and Medical Issues During Buprenorphine/Naloxone Treatment 06/01/2018
N-Acetylcysteine Reduces Alcohol Use in Adults with Cannabis Use Disorder 05/01/2018
Barriers and Facilitators to Implementation of SUD Screening in Primary Care 05/01/2018
Cigarette Smoking and Quit Attempts Among Latinos in SUD Treatment 04/01/2018
Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders Prevalent Among Patients with High-Risk Diabetes 04/01/2018
Adequate Doses of Exercise Effective in Reducing Stimulant Use Disorder 03/01/2018
Use of Menthol Cigarettes Higher Among Smokers in Treatment for Substance Use Disorders 03/01/2018
Patterns of Substance Use and Arrest Histories Among Hospitalized HIV Drug Users 02/01/2018
How to Quantify Cannabis Use: A Scale-Based Method Using Oregano as a Substitute 02/01/2018
Measure of Empathy, the HRQ, May be Useful as Quick Assessment of MI Training Progress 01/01/2018
Different Types of Cognitive Impairment Associated with Different Types of Substance Use Disorders 01/01/2018