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CTN Research Brief: HIV Prevention Practices in Substance Use Disorder Treatment Vary Among Clinics 03/01/2015
Long-term Buprenorphine/Naloxone Outcomes Promising for Prescription Opioid Users 04/01/2015
Use of Technology Helpful in Participant Tracking and Study Retention 04/01/2015
Age, Ethnicity, and Drug Use Increase Risk of Chronic HCV Infection 05/01/2015
Importance of Trauma-Informed Care in Substance Use Disorder Recovery for Women 05/01/2015
Factors Increasing the Likelihood a Treatment Organziation will Use NIATx 07/01/2015
Centers Offering More Diverse Treatment Strategies Will Be Most Competitive in New Healthcare Climate 07/01/2015
Technology-Assisted Care for Substance Use Disorders 08/01/2015
Clonidine maintenance prolongs opioid abstinence 09/01/2015
OROS-MPH helps adults with ADHD quit smoking 09/01/2015
Brief Strategic Family Therapy Effective in Reducing Alcohol Use in Parents as Well as Adolescents 10/01/2015
Treatment for Substance Use Reduces Depression/Anxiety in Adolescents 10/01/2015
Buprenorphine vs. Methadone for Opioid Use Disorders: Long-term Outcomes 12/01/2015
Personalized Computer-Based Therapy Effective for Treatment-Resistant Methadone Patients 12/01/2015
Contingency Management: What Patients Really Want 01/01/2016
New CTN Study: Computer-Facilitated Intervention for Adolescent Marijuana Use Prevention (CAMP) 02/01/2016
Decision-making Processes Do Not Uniformly Predict Relapse 02/01/2016
Gender Differences in Internalizing Distress and Suicide Risk in Adults with Cannabis Use Disorder 03/01/2016
Internet Delivered Treatment Found to be Cost Effective 03/01/2016
Sociocultural Factors Affect Condom Use Among Black Men with Substance Use Disorders 04/01/2016