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Older Drinkers may Suffer Less from Hangovers 10/01/2013
Cigarette Taxation Helps Reduce Drinking Among Vulnerable Groups 09/01/2013
Racial Differences in Types of Alcoholic Beverages Consumed 09/01/2013
Dopamine - A Risk Marker for Alcohol Use Disorders? 09/01/2013
Women Seek Alcohol Treatment Earlier than Men 09/01/2013
Childhood Temperament Linked to Adolescent Drinking 08/01/2013
The Brains Response to Sweets may Indicate Risk for Alcoholism 08/01/2013
Wasted versus Buzzed; Its More than Just Semantics 08/01/2013
Heavy Drinking and Smoking May Lead to Early Aging of the Brain 07/01/2013
First Drink During Puberty Can Lead to Problem Drinking Later 07/01/2013
College Women Exceed NIAAA Drinking Guidelines More Frequently Than College Men 07/01/2013
Beer-industry Advertising Guidelines: Industry Assesses Itself 07/01/2013
Negative Fathering Plus Barroom Drinking are a Dangerous Mix 06/01/2013
Aerobic Exercise can Help the Brain Damaged by Heavy Drinking 06/01/2013
Parents can Play a Key Role in Helping Their Children Avoid Alcohol Pitfalls While Transitioning to College 06/01/2013
Greater Risk of Suicide After Acute Alcohol Intoxication for American Indians 05/01/2013
Heavy and Incompatible Drinking Increases Chance of Divorce 05/01/2013
Childhood Emotional Abuse Dramatically Strong among Male Alcohol-Dependent Individuals 05/01/2013
Alcohol and Diet Drinks can Increase Intoxication Level 05/01/2013
Lower Drinking Ages can Impact Later Drinking Patterns 04/01/2013