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Mixing drugs and alcohol prevalent among U.S. drinkers 02/01/2015
Teens sleep difficulties linked to alcohol and drug problems 02/01/2015
Alcohol blackouts: not a joke 01/01/2015
Traffic stops and driving-under-the-influence arrests linked most closely to lower drinking and driving rates 01/01/2015
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor agonists may treat alcohol dependence 01/01/2015
Density of alcohol outlets in rural areas depends on towns average income 01/01/2015
Meet the Researchers Making a Difference in our Lives: Dr. Lara Ray 12/01/2014
Alcoholism affects the brain structures most critical to recovery 12/01/2014
Family history of AODA disorders affects youths forebrain function 12/01/2014
Childhood adversity interferes with genetic protective effects against problem drinking in White men 12/01/2014
Understanding drinking behaviors among women with unwanted pregnancies 11/01/2014
Smoking interferes with neurocognitive recovery during abstinence from alcohol 11/01/2014
Environment encourages heavy drinking among young adults in the U.S.-Mexico border region 11/01/2014
Bogus recycling bins help identify drinking patterns among low-income seniors 11/01/2014
Teen peers drinking behavior overrides genetic protection against later AUD 10/01/2014
Bitter or sweet? Taste genes influence alcohol intake 10/01/2014
Higher cigarette taxes and stronger smoke-free policies may reduce alcohol consumption 10/01/2014
First drink to first drunk 10/01/2014
Alcohol-programing outreach is especially important for female Black and Latina drinkers 09/01/2014
Alcoholics have an abnormal CD8 T cell response to the influenza virus 09/01/2014