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Sober Drinking Knowledge Often Fails While Intoxicated 10/01/2013
Sobriety Improves Stability 03/01/2010
Sociocultural Factors Affect Condom Use Among Black Men with Substance Use Disorders 04/01/2016
Some Alcoholics May Self-Medicate With Carbohydrates Between Drinks 06/01/2000
Some People May Be More Susceptible to Alcohol Related Black-outs 05/01/2012
Some Regions of the Brain are Less Active in People Who Drink More 04/01/2012
Some Underage Drinking Laws Reduce Drinking-and-Driving Fatal Crashes Better than Others 07/01/2009
Sons of Alcoholics: The Early School Years 08/01/2000
Specific DNA Variations of the Serotonin Transporter Gene can Influence Drinking Intensity 02/01/2009
Specific Gene Complex May Contribute to Alcohol Dependence 12/01/2009
Specifying Alcohol-Related Brain Damage in Young Women 03/01/2001
Specifying alcohol-related brain-damage among heavy social drinkers 05/01/2004
Spiking Energy Drinks Increases Urge to Drink 08/01/2014
Spousal choices can influence the risk of developing alcoholism 05/29/2007
Strength in the Midst of Pain: Abuse as a Predictor of Sexual Relationship Power 11/01/2017
Stress and alcohol cues appear to target the brain differently to produce craving 03/01/2007
Stress and Alcohol Feed Each Other 10/01/2011
Stress, alcoholics, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) 06/01/2006
Strict Parental Rules About Drinking Can Curb Adolescent Impulses to Drink 04/01/2012
Strong Acceptability of Web-Based Intervention (TES) Among Racial/Ethnic Minority Populations 11/01/2017