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Tattoos, Piercings and Drinking 05/01/2012
Technology-Assisted Care for Substance Use Disorders 08/01/2015
Teen peers drinking behavior overrides genetic protection against later AUD 10/01/2014
Teenage alcohol and drug use: at best, parents know about it only half of the time 10/01/2006
Teen-age girls, depression, alcoholism, and brain activity 12/01/2002
Teenagers, Drinking and Driving: A Quick Trip to the Grave 04/01/2001
Teens sleep difficulties linked to alcohol and drug problems 02/01/2015
test 05/05/2007
Testing for Alcohol Problems in the Workplace 02/01/2002
Text Messaging Can Both Assess Drinking and Deliver Brief Interventions 03/01/2012
The Appetite-Regulating Peptide Leptin Influences Alcohol Craving for Some Alcoholics 06/25/2007
The body’s biological clock: alcohol may lead to physiological anarchy 09/01/2005
The Brain Maintains Language Skills in Spite of Alcohol Damage by Drawing from other Regions 06/01/2009
The Brain Risks of Binge Drinking 05/01/2002
The Brains Response to Sweets may Indicate Risk for Alcoholism 08/01/2013
The cognitive damage of alcohol lingers after motor performance returns to normal 05/01/2004
The Dopamine Transporter Gene Influences Alcohol Withdrawal Seizures 01/01/2008
The Effects of Alcoholics Anonymous on Women Returning from Prison 03/01/2011
The Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Environmental Enrichment on Neurotrophins are Independent of Each Other 10/01/2008
The Effects of Spirituality in Alcoholics Anonymous 03/01/2011