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Zinc Supplements during Pregnancy may Counteract Damage from Early Alcohol Exposure 04/01/2009
Youth Alcohol and Marijuana Use Compromises Brain Integrity 02/01/2013
Younger People Are at Greater Risk for Alcohol Problems 12/01/1999
Young Adults with Stimulant Use Disorder May Benefit from the STAGE-12 Intervention 12/01/2017
X-BOT study to compare extended-release naltrexone to buprenorphine for opioid treatment 09/01/2016
Women who marry alcoholics 10/01/2002
Women who drink may be at greater risk of cardiovascular complications than men 10/01/2003
Women who drink alcohol during pregnancy 06/01/2006
Women Who Binge Drink at Greater Risk of Unsafe Sex and Sexually Transmitted Disease 11/01/2008
Women Seek Alcohol Treatment Earlier than Men 09/01/2013
Why Some People Just Can’t Seem to Pay Attention 01/01/2001
Why men with high levels of anger and low anger control should not drink alcohol 07/01/2004
When Campuses and Communities Join Forces to Stop Alcohol Abuse 08/01/2012
When are minimum-legal-drinking-age and beer-tax policies the most effective? 05/29/2007
When alcohol consumption evolves from a "social lubricant" into a "crutch" 01/01/2004
When Alcohol and Nicotine Interact 08/01/2001
What You Drink Really Can Kill You 08/01/2000
What Factors Help Shape Long-Term Abstinence from Opioids? 09/01/2018
Web-based Interventions: Private, Personalized, and Proven 08/01/2009
Water-Diffusion Technology Identifies Brain Regions Damaged by Prenatal Alcohol Exposure 10/01/2008