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Smells May Trigger Alcohol Craving, and Relapse, Among Alcoholics 11/01/1999
Smartphone-Based Intervention from CTN-0044 Approved by the FDA for Marketing 10/01/2017
Smart, Sophisticated and Successful - Yet Unwise about Drinking 08/01/2009
Sleep Problems Worse for Women Who Drink 05/01/2011
Sleep problems in early childhood may predict substance use during adolescence 05/01/2004
Simple Measures to Gauge Risk for Alcohol Dependence 06/01/2010
Similarities and Differences between Children with Fetal Alcohol Exposure and ADHD 03/01/2011
Shoulder Tapping: Young Males are Most Willing to Purchase Alcohol for Underage Youth 07/01/2007
Sex Risk Behaviors and Substance Use Severity Among Men in SUD Treatment 06/01/2017
Sequence variation in the alpha synuclein gene contributes to alcohol craving 04/29/2007
Sensitivity to Alcohol Odors Associated with Alcohol Dependence 12/01/2010
Self-Evaluation May be Key to Readiness for Treatment 05/01/2009
Searching for New Medications to Treat Alcoholism 11/01/2000
Searching for New Detoxification Strategies 10/01/2001
Searching for Biochemical Markers in Children of Alcoholics 03/01/2000
Searching for Anxiety Relief in Alcohol Can Be Dangerous 01/01/2001
Searching for a Genetic Needle in a Genome Haystack 03/01/2001
Scientists Identify Genomic “Fingerprint” for Alcohol-Induced Heart Failure 05/01/2008
Russian “surrogate” alcohols are a killer 11/01/2005
Rodents bred for alcohol preference live longer than rats bred for alcohol avoidance 02/01/2004

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