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Health Effects of Energy Drinks in Combination with Alcohol 05/01/2014
Crafty Alcohol Advertising Directed at Adolescents through Music and Branding 05/01/2014
Alcohol Dependence and Executive Control Deficits 06/01/2014
Hedonistic Motives may Drive People to Mix Alcohol with Energy Drinks 06/01/2014
Immigration at a Young Age may Increase Risk for Alcohol and Drug Problem 06/01/2014
How Movies may Make You Drink More 06/01/2014
Spiking Energy Drinks Increases Urge to Drink 08/01/2014
Adolescent Alcohol Abuse Disrupts Transitions into Early Adulthood 08/01/2014
Alcohol-programing outreach is especially important for female Black and Latina drinkers 09/01/2014
Alcoholics have an abnormal CD8 T cell response to the influenza virus 09/01/2014
A national study of colleges identifies gaps in efforts to enforce alcohol laws 09/01/2014
Prenatal alcohol exposure linked to childhood obesity 09/01/2014
Childrens sipping behavior related to parental modeling and approval 09/01/2014
Teen peers drinking behavior overrides genetic protection against later AUD 10/01/2014
Bitter or sweet? Taste genes influence alcohol intake 10/01/2014
Higher cigarette taxes and stronger smoke-free policies may reduce alcohol consumption 10/01/2014
First drink to first drunk 10/01/2014
Understanding drinking behaviors among women with unwanted pregnancies 11/01/2014
Smoking interferes with neurocognitive recovery during abstinence from alcohol 11/01/2014
Environment encourages heavy drinking among young adults in the U.S.-Mexico border region 11/01/2014