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Executive Function and Alcohol Dependence 01/01/2013
Negative Emotionality Associated with Substance Use 01/01/2013
Alcoholic Men Demonstrate a Deficit in Empathy and Distorted View of Irony 12/01/2012
Environmental Factors May Add to Risk for Developing Alcohol Problems 12/01/2012
Impulsivity in College Women Creates Risk for Alcohol Problems 12/01/2012
Pre-drinking is a Risky Way to Begin an Evening Out 12/01/2012
Gray Matter Recovery Occurs Only Days After Detox 11/01/2012
Better Understanding of Alcohol and Breast Cancer is Important for Womens Overall Health 11/01/2012
Alcohol Dependence Seems to Shorten Life More Than Smoking 11/01/2012
A Family History of Alcoholism May Add to Damaging Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure 11/01/2012
Maternal Drinking During Pregnancy Can Damage Fetal Learning 10/01/2012
Alcohol Abuse, Not Dependence, Reflects Family Risk for Alcoholism 10/01/2012
Abstinence plus Exercise can Reclaim Bone Loss Due to Alcoholism 10/01/2012
Early Alcohol Use and Early Intoxication Can Mean Trouble for College Students 09/01/2012
Exploring the Links Between Binge Drinking and Unemployment 09/01/2012
Examining Alcohol Plus Energy Drink Consumption 09/01/2012
Tracking the Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure through Age Nine 09/01/2012
Use-and-Lose State Laws Reduce Hazardous Drinking and Driving Behaviors Among Teens 08/01/2012
Alcoholism and HIV Infection Have Different Effects on Memory Processes 08/01/2012
When Campuses and Communities Join Forces to Stop Alcohol Abuse 08/01/2012