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Functional Neurologic Abnormalities due to Prenatal Alcohol Exposure are Common 08/01/2012
Racial Differences in Disinhibition in Adolescent Drinking Habits 08/01/2012
Resiliency During Teen Years Can Protect Against Later Life Alcohol or Drug Use 07/01/2012
Substance Use Reduces Educational Achievement 07/01/2012
Researchers Find a Strong Genetic Influence for Alcohol Dependency 07/01/2012
Smoking-Cessation Quitlines Could Identify Hazardous Drinkers and Provide Brief Interventions 07/01/2012
Alcoholism's Short-Term Effects on Memory Function are Harmful 06/01/2012
Peers Influence Adolescent Drinking in Unsuspected Ways 06/01/2012
Adolescents Can Benefit from 12-Step Involvement 06/01/2012
Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol and ADHD 06/01/2012
More Alcohol Establishments Equals More Crime 06/01/2012
Smoking-Cessation Medication Also Makes Drinking Less Enjoyable 05/01/2012
Childhood Trauma is Very Common Among Alcohol-Dependent Individuals 05/01/2012
Some People May Be More Susceptible to Alcohol Related Black-outs 05/01/2012
Alcohol-Dependent Individuals Unsuccessful at Transferring New Knowledge 05/01/2012
Tattoos, Piercings and Drinking 05/01/2012
Comparing Alcohol Use and Other Disorders between the US and South Korea 04/01/2012
Damage Caused by Alcohol Exposure at Specific Times during Pregnancy 04/01/2012
Strict Parental Rules About Drinking Can Curb Adolescent Impulses to Drink 04/01/2012
Density of Neighbourhood Bars Linked to Violence-Related ER Visits 04/01/2012