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Some Regions of the Brain are Less Active in People Who Drink More 04/01/2012
Fetal Alcohol Exposure is Underestimated or Misreported in Italy 03/01/2012
Adolescent Drinking: A Risk Factor for Criminal Activity 03/01/2012
Text Messaging Can Both Assess Drinking and Deliver Brief Interventions 03/01/2012
Family History of Alcoholism Affects Brain Response 03/01/2012
Hospitalized Patients Respond to Nurse-Delivered Brief Interventions 03/01/2012
Cannabinoid Receptor is Linked to Dependence on Alcohol and Other Substances 02/01/2012
Finger Tapping Used to Study Brain Function in Parts of the Brain Damaged by Chronic Drinking 02/01/2012
Alcoholism is Linked to Higher Rates of General and Cancer-Related Deaths 02/01/2012
Higher Minimum Legal Drinking Ages Linked to Lower Rates of Suicides and Homicides 02/01/2012
Alcohol Consumption Greatly Increases Serious Risk of Injury 01/01/2012
Comparative Study of European Countries on Relationship between Drinking and Harm 01/01/2012
Genetically Influenced Low Responses to Alcohol can Equal Risk for Alcoholism 01/01/2012
Impulsive and Aggressive College Students Who Drink Heavily are High Risk for Alcohol Problems 01/01/2012
Alcohol Metabolism and Breast Cancer-Related DNA Damage 12/01/2011
Different Drinking Cultures Effect Development of Alcohol Disorders 12/01/2011
Abstinence Can Aid in Significant Gait and Balance Recovery 12/01/2011
Chronic Drinking Can Cause Widespread Damage to the Brain 12/01/2011
Genetic Determinants Affect the Development of Alcohol Dependence Differently by Gender 11/01/2011
Heavy Drinkers Have Poor Dietary Habits 11/01/2011