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Genetic Determinants Affect the Development of Alcohol Dependence Differently by Gender 11/01/2011
Heavy Drinkers Have Poor Dietary Habits 11/01/2011
Alcohol Interferes with the Restorative Functions of Sleep 11/01/2011
Stress and Alcohol Feed Each Other 10/01/2011
Adolescent Binge Drinking Can Damage Memory 10/01/2011
Alcohol has Different Effects on Left and Right Ventricles of the Heart 10/01/2011
Peers, Coping and Low Response to Alcohol All Contribute to Adolescent Drinking 10/01/2011
Understanding Alcohols Damaging Effects on the Brain 09/01/2011
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Predicts Reliable Diagnosis of Alcohol Dependence 09/01/2011
Using Motivation to Change to Tailor Alcohol Dependence Treatment 09/01/2011
Family History of Alcoholism Can Lead to Greater Sensitivity to Alcohol in Children 08/01/2011
Deep Gray Matter is Possible Key in Explaining FASD 08/01/2011
Binge Drinkers are Less Able to Learn New Verbal Information 08/01/2011
Researchers Link Alcohol Dependence Impulsivity to Brain Anomalies 07/07/2011
Mixing Energy Drinks and Alcohol is Riskier 07/07/2011
Study Confirms that Children of Alcoholic Parents More Likely to have an Alcohol Use Disorder Also 07/01/2011
Healthcare-Associated Infections are Exacerbated by Alcohol Use Disorder 07/01/2011
Brain Reward System Linked to Relapse 06/01/2011
FASD and ADHD Children have Similar Difficulties but in Different Ways 06/01/2011
Drinking at an Early Age can Effect Later Life Drinking Patterns 06/01/2011

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