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Binge Drinking: Red Wine & Alcohol Have Different Effects on Platelets 11/01/2004
Not All Beers Are Created Equal 11/01/2004
Certain components of the brain’s “executive functions” are compromised early in abstinence from alcohol 10/01/2004
Energy drink Red Bull® does not maintain alcohol’s buzz 10/01/2004
A liking for sweets, combined with novelty seeking, may predict alcoholism 10/01/2004
Alcohol consumption by American youth has stabilized, but is still too high 10/01/2004
Genes can influence both alcohol consumption and dependence 09/01/2004
Infant rats eagerly accept high concentrations of alcohol upon first exposure 09/01/2004
Alcohol-use and depression among pregnant and postpartum women 09/01/2004
Topiramate: a potential new medication for treating alcoholism 09/01/2004
Acamprosate: potential medication for treating alcoholism 08/01/2004
Light-to-moderate drinking appears to have little effect on the risk for breast cancer 08/01/2004
Naltrexone injections for alcohol dependence: once-a-month treatment helps maintain sobriety 08/01/2004
Different subgroups of alcoholics respond differently to serotonin-acting medication 08/01/2004
Why men with high levels of anger and low anger control should not drink alcohol 07/01/2004
College students mandated to take alcohol interventions: what works 07/01/2004
Liver disease: it’s not just how much you drink, but how and when you drink 07/01/2004
Highlights of the NIAAA position paper on moderate alcohol consumption 07/01/2004
Licensed alcohol establishments continue to sell to intoxicated patrons 06/01/2004
Moderate alcohol consumption increases plasma levels of a protective hormone 06/01/2004