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Adolescent rodents experience milder hangover effects than do adult rodents 02/01/2004
Researchers find a consistent association between alcohol dependence and the GABAA receptor gene GABRG3 02/01/2004
When alcohol consumption evolves from a "social lubricant" into a "crutch" 01/01/2004
Blocking selected neurotransmitter activity may decrease alcohol consumption 01/01/2004
Alcoholics with antisocial personality disorder have blunted emotional reactivity 01/01/2004
Not all forms of anger lead to alcohol-related aggression 01/01/2004
Moderate alcohol consumption after meals can decrease levels of insulin 12/01/2003
A sweet tooth may be a "marker" for the genetic risk for developing alcoholism 12/01/2003
College students may be drinking more alcohol than even they realize 12/01/2003
Re-examining alcohol problems among American Indian communities: New research focuses on Northern Plains and Southwest tribes 12/01/2003
Alcohol’s pharmacological properties, not smell or taste, reinforce its effects 11/01/2003
Repeated alcohol detoxifications can impair cognitive function 11/01/2003
Adolescent binge drinking produces tolerance to alcohol 11/01/2003
Adult alcoholism and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder are connected 11/01/2003
The risk of intimate partner violence varies by ethnicity 10/01/2003
Alcohol may compound its damaging effects through frontocerebellar circuitry 10/01/2003
Women who drink may be at greater risk of cardiovascular complications than men 10/01/2003
Chronic drinking increases cortisol during intoxication and withdrawal 10/01/2003
The genetic complexities of sensation-seeking behavior in alcoholic men 09/01/2003
How a nightcap may hinder rather than help your sleep 09/01/2003

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