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Specifying alcohol-related brain-damage among heavy social drinkers 05/01/2004
Alcohol use and victimization among college women 05/01/2004
The cognitive damage of alcohol lingers after motor performance returns to normal 05/01/2004
Sleep problems in early childhood may predict substance use during adolescence 05/01/2004
Deficits associated with prenatal alcohol exposure can be seen as early as infancy: Alcohol-exposed babies respond more slowly to their environment, and take longer to calm down 04/01/2004
Childhood abuse may predict social phobia, agoraphobia, and posttraumatic stress disorder among adult alcoholics 04/01/2004
Alcohol consumption can damage hearing 04/01/2004
Light to moderate drinking during pregnancy may lead to learning and memory deficits in adolescents 04/01/2004
Genetics, alcohol sensitivity, and behavior 03/01/2004
Promising new treatment options for people with co-existing alcohol-use and psychiatric disorders 03/01/2004
Brief mail- and computer-generated interventions work best for problem drinking among young people 03/01/2004
Proteomics, the study of proteins, may be able to help identify and treat alcohol’s effects on the body 03/01/2004
Rodents bred for alcohol preference live longer than rats bred for alcohol avoidance 02/01/2004
Bridging the gap between genetics and motivations to drink alcohol 02/01/2004
Adolescent rodents experience milder hangover effects than do adult rodents 02/01/2004
Researchers find a consistent association between alcohol dependence and the GABAA receptor gene GABRG3 02/01/2004
When alcohol consumption evolves from a "social lubricant" into a "crutch" 01/01/2004
Blocking selected neurotransmitter activity may decrease alcohol consumption 01/01/2004
Alcoholics with antisocial personality disorder have blunted emotional reactivity 01/01/2004
Not all forms of anger lead to alcohol-related aggression 01/01/2004