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The genetic complexities of sensation-seeking behavior in alcoholic men 09/01/2003
How a nightcap may hinder rather than help your sleep 09/01/2003
Educational attainment may predict drinking outcomes following alcohol treatment 09/01/2003
Alcohol, automobiles and youth 09/01/2003
Suicide risk among alcoholics appears to increase with age 08/01/2003
Examining visuospatial processes in postmenopausal women who drink 08/01/2003
Problem drinking is rarely discussed during medical visits, more so during psychiatric visits 08/01/2003
Researchers find three chromosomal areas with links to alcoholism vulnerability 08/01/2003
Taste testing may help identify alcoholism risk 07/01/2003
Alcohol damages day-to-day memory function 07/01/2003
Nicotine-patch treatment works for smokers with long-term sobriety 07/01/2003
Alcohol facilitates aggression among those who express anger outwardly 07/01/2003
An anti-nicotine drug reduces the rewarding effects of alcohol 06/01/2003
Alcohol impairs executive cognitive functioning much longer than expected 06/01/2003
Alcohol consumption increases HIV disease progression of patients receiving antiretroviral therapy 06/01/2003
Chronic alcohol abuse damages regulating hormones 06/01/2003
Fragmentary blackouts help some drinkers remember the good times that weren’t 05/01/2003
Alcohol-damaged brains "recruit" new brain regions to perform simple tasks 05/01/2003
Executive functioning in children prenatally exposed to alcohol 05/01/2003
Alcohol’s double threat: a greater chance of crashing, and more severe injuries 05/01/2003