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Drinks of the father 01/01/2003
Prenatal exposure to alcohol may cause temporal processing deficits 01/01/2003
Exploring the relationship between alcoholism and serotonin one step at a time 12/01/2002
Teen-age girls, depression, alcoholism, and brain activity 12/01/2002
Moderate alcohol consumption during pregnancy is risky too 12/01/2002
Comparing screening instruments for alcohol dependence and abuse 12/01/2002
Light to moderate drinking during pregnancy can affect adolescent growth 11/01/2002
Drinking during pregnancy: information may not be enough 11/01/2002
The eyes have it: seeking expressions of the genetic risk for developing alcoholism 11/01/2002
Linking alcohol drinking patterns to specific genes 11/01/2002
Using naltrexone to treat alcoholics with a “Mediterranean drinking pattern” 10/01/2002
Off-the-job drinking predicts subsequent on-the-job injury for up to five years 10/01/2002
Prenatal alcohol exposure can damage both information processing and response capabilities 10/01/2002
Women who marry alcoholics 10/01/2002
Exploring the genetic commonality of alcohol and tobacco abuse 07/01/2002
Heavy drinkers seem to get a bigger ‘bang’ from alcohol than do light drinkers 07/01/2002
Alcoholics have ‘blunted’ responses to psychological stressors such as public speaking 07/01/2002
Continued disruption of movement among alcoholics despite abstinence 06/01/2002
Researchers find new genetic influences on alcohol metabolism 06/01/2002
Alcohol May Hasten the Progression of Cancer 06/01/2002