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Alcoholics have an abnormal CD8 T cell response to the influenza virus 09/01/2014
Alcoholics May Be More Injury Prone Than Illicit Drug Users 02/01/2002
Alcoholics should avoid excessive physical and psychological stress during early abstinence 05/29/2007
Alcoholics Show Deficits in Their Ability to Perceive Dangerous Situations 09/01/2007
Alcoholics with a borderline personality disorder are at greatest risk for suicidal behavior 05/01/2006
Alcoholics with antisocial personality disorder have blunted emotional reactivity 01/01/2004
Alcoholics with Cirrhosis of the Liver have more Brain Damage than Non-Cirrhotic Alcoholics 09/01/2007
Alcoholics’ deficits in smell are linked to frontal lobe dysfunction 08/01/2006
Alcohol-induced bone disease 01/01/2006
Alcoholism affects the brain structures most critical to recovery 12/01/2014
Alcoholism and Bad Neighborhoods: A Two-Way Street 09/01/2007
Alcoholism and excessive food intake may share chemical pathways in the brain 01/01/2005
Alcoholism and HIV Infection Have Different Effects on Memory Processes 08/01/2012
Alcoholism is Linked to Higher Rates of General and Cancer-Related Deaths 02/01/2012
Alcoholism Is Not Just A “Man’s Disease” Anymore 05/01/2008
Alcoholism may cause decreased density of neurons in the orbitofrontal cortex 11/01/2006
Alcoholism, smoking and genetics among Plains American Indians 03/01/2006
Alcoholism's Short-Term Effects on Memory Function are Harmful 06/01/2012
Alcoholism-treatment medication acamprosate may help abstinent alcoholics sleep better 09/01/2006
Alcohol-Outlet Density and Violence are Clearly Linked Over Time 06/01/2008