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Both Cultural Factors and Genes Influence Drinking 05/01/2009
Both Gender and Friendship can Influence Adolescent Alcohol Use 12/01/2007
Brain banks are a powerful tool for alcohol research 03/01/2003
Brain Deficits for Decision-Making Related to DUI 12/01/2010
Brain Reward System Linked to Relapse 06/01/2011
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) appears to modify elements of alcoholism 12/01/2004
Bridging the gap between genetics and motivations to drink alcohol 02/01/2004
Brief mail- and computer-generated interventions work best for problem drinking among young people 03/01/2004
Brief Measure Reliable/Valid in Assessing Suicidality in People with Stimulant Use Disorder 06/01/2018
Brief Motivational Interviewing Has Enduring Effects on Hardcore Drunk Drivers 02/01/2010
Brief Motivational Interviews Work Best Long Term for College Students Sent to Alcohol Counseling 08/01/2007
Brief Strategic Family Therapy Effective in Reducing Alcohol Use in Parents as Well as Adolescents 10/01/2015
Buprenorphine vs. Methadone for Opioid Use Disorders: Long-term Outcomes 12/01/2015
Burden of Alcohol Consumption on Society 08/01/2010
Can Heavy Alcohol Use Lead to Some Kinds of Cancer? 07/01/2000
Cannabinoid Receptor is Linked to Dependence on Alcohol and Other Substances 02/01/2012
Centers Offering More Diverse Treatment Strategies Will Be Most Competitive in New Healthcare Climate 07/01/2015
Certain components of the brain’s “executive functions” are compromised early in abstinence from alcohol 10/01/2004
Certain Teens may have a Better Buzz Gene 01/01/2010
Cheap Drinks Attract College Students 11/01/2009