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Patterns of Substance Use and Arrest Histories Among Hospitalized HIV Drug Users 02/01/2018
Peers Influence Adolescent Drinking in Unsuspected Ways 06/01/2012
Peers, Coping and Low Response to Alcohol All Contribute to Adolescent Drinking 10/01/2011
Peptide Ghrelin may be Involved in Both Alcohol Dependence and Overeating 12/01/2008
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor agonists may treat alcohol dependence 01/01/2015
Personality and parental alcoholism interact to influence an individual’s risk of becoming an alcoholic 07/01/2006
Personality traits and craving among pathological gamblers and alcoholics 09/01/2005
Personalized Computer-Based Therapy Effective for Treatment-Resistant Methadone Patients 12/01/2015
Plant Extract Found to be an Effective Treatment for Alcoholism 11/01/2009
Playing The Odds: Can You Stop Abusing Alcohol at 10 Years and Be OK? 02/01/2000
Police, Bartenders, Passengers: How to Know When Someone is Too Drunk to Drive 07/01/2001
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Can Lead to a More Severe Course and Worse Outcomes for a Substance-Abuse Disorder 03/01/2008
Predictors for 12-Step Attendance and Participation for Individuals with Stimulant Use Disorders 08/01/2016
Pre-drinking is a Risky Way to Begin an Evening Out 12/01/2012
Pregnancy, Drugs & Alcohol, Emotional Instability: What Nightmares Are Made of 08/01/2001
Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Affects Visual Processing 02/01/2002
Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Alters Brain Activity in the Frontal-Striatal Areas 08/01/2007
Prenatal alcohol exposure appears to increase an infants stress response 12/01/2006
Prenatal alcohol exposure can alter circadian rhythms in offspring 05/01/2006
Prenatal alcohol exposure can damage both information processing and response capabilities 10/01/2002