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Probing Alcohol’s Actions in the Brain 12/01/2001
Probing the Role of the Delta Opioid Receptor in Alcohol Consumption 10/01/2001
Problem Drinking During Adolescence is Never a Phase 05/01/2011
Problem drinking is rarely discussed during medical visits, more so during psychiatric visits 08/01/2003
Professional Sports Stadiums Sell Alcohol to Pseudo-Underage and Intoxicated Buyers 11/01/2008
Promising new treatment options for people with co-existing alcohol-use and psychiatric disorders 03/01/2004
Proteomics, the study of proteins, may be able to help identify and treat alcohol’s effects on the body 03/01/2004
Pursuing the Ever-Elusive Alcoholism Gene 05/01/2010
Racial Differences in Disinhibition in Adolescent Drinking Habits 08/01/2012
Racial Differences in Types of Alcoholic Beverages Consumed 09/01/2013
Recent developments on the genetics of alcohol use 08/01/2005
Recessionary Woes and Alcoholic Problems 12/01/2013
Recovering alcoholics with poor sleep perceptions will likely relapse 12/01/2006
Re-examining alcohol problems among American Indian communities: New research focuses on Northern Plains and Southwest tribes 12/01/2003
Repeated alcohol detoxifications can impair cognitive function 11/01/2003
Report from Sweden: Alcohol interventions that teach practical skills work best with high-risk university students 03/01/2007
Researchers find a consistent association between alcohol dependence and the GABAA receptor gene GABRG3 02/01/2004
Researchers find a strong connection between "behavioral undercontrol" and stimulation from alcohol 02/01/2003
Researchers Find a Strong Genetic Influence for Alcohol Dependency 07/01/2012
Researchers find new genetic influences on alcohol metabolism 06/01/2002