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The eyes have it: seeking expressions of the genetic risk for developing alcoholism 11/01/2002
The genetic complexities of sensation-seeking behavior in alcoholic men 09/01/2003
The greater the number of bars in a neighborhood, the higher the rates of assault 07/01/2006
The Hollow Leg May be Genetic 05/01/2010
The influence of dates of birth on rates of alcoholism 02/01/2003
The Language of Intoxication: The Term Drunk Doesn’t Really Cut It Any More 03/01/2009
The Little Protein That Could 03/01/2000
The more alcoholic relatives a person has, the more they need to drink to feel alcohol’s effects 08/01/2006
The More Available Alcohol Is, The More Likely People Will Drink Heavily 04/01/2014
The Neuropeptide Y System is Linked to a More Severe Form of Alcohol Dependence 12/01/2008
The Power of the Mother-Child Bond 05/01/2000
The Prescription Opioid Treatment Study: What Have We Learned? 05/01/2017
The risk of intimate partner violence varies by ethnicity 10/01/2003
The Tachykinin Receptor 3 Gene has been Linked to Alcohol and Cocaine Dependence 06/01/2008
This Is Your Adolescent Brain on Alcohol 02/01/2000
Three neuronal growth factors may be key to understanding alcohol’s effects 02/01/2006
Tobacco-Free Grounds Policies in Treatment Programs Reduce Smoking for Clients and Staff 09/01/2017
Topiramate: a potential new medication for treating alcoholism 09/01/2004
Tracking a Genetic Basis for Alcohol-Related Hypertension 11/01/2000
Tracking the Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure through Age Nine 09/01/2012