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Untangling the Matrix of Risk Factors for Alcoholism 08/01/2001
Updating the DSM-5 for Assessment Changes of Alcohol Problems 04/01/2013
Use of Menthol Cigarettes Higher Among Smokers in Treatment for Substance Use Disorders 03/01/2018
Use of Technology Helpful in Participant Tracking and Study Retention 04/01/2015
Use-and-Lose State Laws Reduce Hazardous Drinking and Driving Behaviors Among Teens 08/01/2012
Using Brain Activity to Identify Risk for Disorders 10/01/2001
Using Fruitflies to Examine Alcohol Tolerance 11/01/2001
Using Motivation to Change to Tailor Alcohol Dependence Treatment 09/01/2011
Using naltrexone to treat alcoholics with a “Mediterranean drinking pattern” 10/01/2002
Using of False ID to Buy Alcohol is Slippery Slope toward Problem Drinking 11/01/2013
Using PET Scan Technology to Study Alcohol’s Effects on the Brain 07/01/2000
Using the Internet’s power and anonymity to reduce problem drinking 03/01/2005
Using Water and Technology to Map Alcohol’s Effects on the Brain 09/01/2000
Vitamin D Deficiency Contributes to Alcohol-Related Myopathy 02/01/2013
Wasted versus Buzzed; Its More than Just Semantics 08/01/2013
Water-Diffusion Technology Identifies Brain Regions Damaged by Prenatal Alcohol Exposure 10/01/2008
Web-based Interventions: Private, Personalized, and Proven 08/01/2009
What You Drink Really Can Kill You 08/01/2000
When Alcohol and Nicotine Interact 08/01/2001
When alcohol consumption evolves from a "social lubricant" into a "crutch" 01/01/2004