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Professional Sports Stadiums Sell Alcohol to Pseudo-Underage and Intoxicated Buyers 11/01/2008
Problem drinking is rarely discussed during medical visits, more so during psychiatric visits 08/01/2003
Problem Drinking During Adolescence is Never a Phase 05/01/2011
Probing the Role of the Delta Opioid Receptor in Alcohol Consumption 10/01/2001
Probing Alcohol’s Actions in the Brain 12/01/2001
Primary Care-Based Models for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment 01/01/2017
Prescription Opioid Registry Protocol in Integrated Health System 07/01/2017
Prescription Opioid Addiction Treatment Outcomes in Patients with Chronic Pain 04/01/2016
Prenatal exposure to alcohol may cause temporal processing deficits 01/01/2003
Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol and ADHD 06/01/2012
Prenatal alcohol exposure linked to childhood obesity 09/01/2014
Prenatal alcohol exposure has effects far beyond fetal alcohol syndrome 12/01/2004
Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Damages White Matter, the Brain’s Connective Network 03/01/2009
Prenatal alcohol exposure can lead to lasting changes in cognitive processing 09/01/2005
Prenatal alcohol exposure can damage both information processing and response capabilities 10/01/2002
Prenatal alcohol exposure can alter circadian rhythms in offspring 05/01/2006
Prenatal alcohol exposure appears to increase an infants stress response 12/01/2006
Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Alters Brain Activity in the Frontal-Striatal Areas 08/01/2007
Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Affects Visual Processing 02/01/2002
Pregnancy, Drugs & Alcohol, Emotional Instability: What Nightmares Are Made of 08/01/2001

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