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Binge Drinkers have Trouble Paying Attention 11/01/2009
Binge Drinkers Have Greater Mortality Risk 03/01/2014
Binge Drinkers Have a Disconnect Between Assessing Their Driving Abilities and Reality 07/01/2008
Binge Drinkers are Responsible for Most Alcohol-Impaired Driving on American Roads 04/01/2008
Binge Drinkers are Less Able to Learn New Verbal Information 08/01/2011
Beyond the French Paradox 10/01/2000
Better Understanding of Alcohol and Breast Cancer is Important for Womens Overall Health 11/01/2012
Behavioral Therapies Plus Pharmacotherapies Can Add Up to Success 12/01/2001
Behavioral Sensitization: A New Perspective on Alcoholism 03/01/2000
Beer-industry Advertising Guidelines: Industry Assesses Itself 07/01/2013
Bars and restaurants with regular staff meetings are less likely to sell alcohol to intoxicated customers 07/01/2006
Aripiprazole has Potential for Treating Alcohol Dependence 04/01/2008
Any Benefits Associated with Alcohol Intake Are Negated by Dependence 01/01/2000
Anxiety disorders can compromise success of alcohol-dependence treatment 09/01/2005
Another Clue to Alcoholism Risk 05/01/2010
And You Thought Your Job Was Stressful 08/01/2000
An anti-nicotine drug reduces the rewarding effects of alcohol 06/01/2003
American Indians with alcohol problems have more medical conditions 04/01/2006
Alcohol-use and depression among pregnant and postpartum women 09/01/2004
Alcohol-programing outreach is especially important for female Black and Latina drinkers 09/01/2014

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