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Alcoholics have ‘blunted’ responses to psychological stressors such as public speaking 07/01/2002
Alcoholics Anonymous membership may decrease alcohol-related homicides 10/01/2006
Alcoholics Anonymous and treatment seem to work best together 11/01/2005
Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous Benefit Adolescents Who Attend 08/01/2008
Alcoholic Men Demonstrate a Deficit in Empathy and Distorted View of Irony 12/01/2012
Alcoholic Liver Disease is Worse than Other Chronic Liver Diseases 11/01/2010
Alcohol-Dependent Individuals Unsuccessful at Transferring New Knowledge 05/01/2012
Alcohol-damaged brains "recruit" new brain regions to perform simple tasks 05/01/2003
Alcohol’s pharmacological properties, not smell or taste, reinforce its effects 11/01/2003
Alcohol’s effects on testosterone 02/01/2003
Alcohol’s effects on gene expression in the central nervous system 03/01/2005
Alcohol’s double threat: a greater chance of crashing, and more severe injuries 05/01/2003
Alcohol’s damaging effects on adolescent brain function 03/01/2005
Alcohol, Women and Pregnancy 09/01/2001
Alcohol, stress, a family history of alcoholism, and the β-endorphin system 12/01/2005
Alcohol, sodium sensitivity and blood pressure 01/01/2003
Alcohol, Sex and AIDS 10/01/2001
Alcohol, Interpersonal Violence, and Mexican American Women 10/01/2001
Alcohol, Friends and Courtship 01/01/2001
Alcohol, Drugs and Violence Between Intimate Partners 05/01/2002