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Alcohol and Diet Drinks can Increase Intoxication Level 05/01/2013
Alcohol and Dementia Among the Elderly 01/01/2002
Alcohol and Cancer 04/01/2002
Alcohol and a Polymorphism of the Monoamine Oxidase A Gene Predict Impulsive Violence 03/01/2009
Alcohol Alters Prefrontal Cortex Activity through Ion Channel Disruption 04/01/2008
Alcohol abuse: early diagnosis is key to treatment success 08/01/2005
Alcohol Abuse, Not Dependence, Reflects Family Risk for Alcoholism 10/01/2012
Alcohol abuse may increase susceptibility to HIV infection 04/01/2003
Alcohol Abuse can Damage the Brain by Decreasing Insulin and Insulin-like Growth Factor Receptors 09/01/2008
Age, Ethnicity, and Drug Use Increase Risk of Chronic HCV Infection 05/01/2015
Age at First Drink: What Does it Really Mean? 09/01/2001
Age at First Drink May Impact Risk for Alcohol Dependence 12/01/2009
African-American Alcoholics: At Greater Risk for Immune Disorders? 05/01/2000
African American and Hispanic Alcohol Abusers Need More Residential Alcohol Treatment 11/01/2007
Aerobic Exercise can Help the Brain Damaged by Heavy Drinking 06/01/2013
Adult alcoholism and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder are connected 11/01/2003
Adolescents with Alcohol Problems: Redefining the Basics 01/01/2002
Adolescents Can Benefit from 12-Step Involvement 06/01/2012
Adolescents at Risk of Developing a Substance-Use Disorder have Deficits in Frontal Brain Activation 03/01/2008
Adolescents at Risk for Alcohol Abuse Show Decreased Brain Activation 02/01/2011