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Aerobic Exercise can Help the Brain Damaged by Heavy Drinking 06/01/2013
Adult alcoholism and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder are connected 11/01/2003
Adolescents with Alcohol Problems: Redefining the Basics 01/01/2002
Adolescents Can Benefit from 12-Step Involvement 06/01/2012
Adolescents at Risk of Developing a Substance-Use Disorder have Deficits in Frontal Brain Activation 03/01/2008
Adolescents at Risk for Alcohol Abuse Show Decreased Brain Activation 02/01/2011
Adolescents and young adults with alcohol-use disorders have a smaller prefrontal cortex 10/01/2005
Adolescent smokers have a greater risk of developing alcohol-use disorders than nonsmokers 12/01/2006
Adolescent rodents experience milder hangover effects than do adult rodents 02/01/2004
Adolescent Rats Help Prove that Early Exposure to Alcohol can Quickly Lead to Heavy Drinking Patterns 05/01/2008
Adolescent Drinking: A Risk Factor for Criminal Activity 03/01/2012
Adolescent Drinking to Cope Linked with Genetic Variation 04/01/2011
Adolescent brains are insensitive to alcohol for a short time, but at great cost 11/01/2006
Adolescent binge drinking produces tolerance to alcohol 11/01/2003
Adolescent Binge Drinking may Compromise the Brain's White Matter, Necessary for Information Relay 07/01/2009
Adolescent Binge Drinking Can Damage Memory 10/01/2011
Adolescent Alcohol Abuse Disrupts Transitions into Early Adulthood 08/01/2014
Adolescence: When Drinking and Genes Collide 11/01/2013
Adolescence that Value Religious Concepts may have Less Alcohol Related Problems 09/01/2010
Adequate Doses of Exercise Effective in Reducing Stimulant Use Disorder 03/01/2018