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Drinking During Pregnancy Has yet Another Consequence: Premature Delivery 11/01/1999
Any Benefits Associated with Alcohol Intake Are Negated by Dependence 01/01/2000
African-American Alcoholics: At Greater Risk for Immune Disorders? 05/01/2000
Beyond the French Paradox 10/01/2000
Teenagers, Drinking and Driving: A Quick Trip to the Grave 04/01/2001
Evolving Beyond the “Just Say No” Message 05/01/2001
Interleukin-17: Warrior Cytokine 07/01/2001
Liver Cirrhosis Is No Longer a “Black” Disease 09/01/2001
Off-the-job drinking predicts subsequent on-the-job injury for up to five years 10/01/2002
Alcohol, sodium sensitivity and blood pressure 01/01/2003
Patterns of alcohol consumption among African Americans are more deadly 02/01/2003
Alcohol consumption increases HIV disease progression of patients receiving antiretroviral therapy 06/01/2003
Chronic alcohol abuse damages regulating hormones 06/01/2003
Highlights of the NIAAA position paper on moderate alcohol consumption 07/01/2004
Alcohol consumption by American youth has stabilized, but is still too high 10/01/2004
Binge Drinking: Red Wine & Alcohol Have Different Effects on Platelets 11/01/2004
Generous home-poured alcoholic beverages may lead to overindulgence 12/01/2005
Smoking reduces alcohol’s effects, likely encouraging more drinking 08/01/2006
Alcoholics Anonymous membership may decrease alcohol-related homicides 10/01/2006
Intensive-Care Patients with Alcohol-Use Disorders are more likely to Require Costly Mechanical Ventilation 07/01/2007