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Smoking may Interfere with Alcoholics’ Neurocognitive Recovery during Abstinence 07/01/2007
Hazardous Alternatives to Alcohol Beverages are Still Widely Available in Russia 01/01/2009
Light-to-Moderate Drinking and Socialization are Jointly Good for Cardiovascular Health 06/01/2009
Smart, Sophisticated and Successful - Yet Unwise about Drinking 08/01/2009
A Red-Wine Polyphenol Called Resveratrol Demonstrates Significant Health Benefits 09/01/2009
Study Examines the Effectiveness of Integrated Treatment 02/01/2010
Binge Drinkers More Prone to Poor Health 08/01/2010
Burden of Alcohol Consumption on Society 08/01/2010
Moderate Drinking - Health Benefits or Not 11/01/2010
Alcoholic Liver Disease is Worse than Other Chronic Liver Diseases 11/01/2010
Healthcare-Associated Infections are Exacerbated by Alcohol Use Disorder 07/01/2011
Different Drinking Cultures Effect Development of Alcohol Disorders 12/01/2011
Comparative Study of European Countries on Relationship between Drinking and Harm 01/01/2012
Alcoholism is Linked to Higher Rates of General and Cancer-Related Deaths 02/01/2012
Alcohol Dependence Seems to Shorten Life More Than Smoking 11/01/2012
Vitamin D Deficiency Contributes to Alcohol-Related Myopathy 02/01/2013
Lower Drinking Ages can Impact Later Drinking Patterns 04/01/2013
Cigarette Taxation Helps Reduce Drinking Among Vulnerable Groups 09/01/2013
Binge Drinkers Have Greater Mortality Risk 03/01/2014
Alcoholics have an abnormal CD8 T cell response to the influenza virus 09/01/2014