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X-BOT study to compare extended-release naltrexone to buprenorphine for opioid treatment 09/01/2016
Using naltrexone to treat alcoholics with a “Mediterranean drinking pattern” 10/01/2002
Under certain genetic circumstances, naltrexone may increase the urge to drink 08/01/2006
Topiramate: a potential new medication for treating alcoholism 09/01/2004
Study Examines the Effectiveness of Integrated Treatment 02/01/2010
Smoking-Cessation Medication Also Makes Drinking Less Enjoyable 05/01/2012
Self-Evaluation May be Key to Readiness for Treatment 05/01/2009
Searching for New Medications to Treat Alcoholism 11/01/2000
Probing the Role of the Delta Opioid Receptor in Alcohol Consumption 10/01/2001
Primary Care-Based Models for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment 01/01/2017
Oral Naltrexone Can Reduce Healthcare Costs 06/01/2010
Opioid Receptor Gene Impacts Those Who Drink for Rewarding Effects 02/01/2013
No Gender Gap in Response to Naltrexone 10/01/2010
Nicotine May Have Another Side Effect: Heavy Drinking 02/01/2000
Naltrexone Works Better for Some Populations More than Others 06/01/2011
Naltrexone is Effective for Alaska Natives and Other Alaskans Living in Rural Areas 07/01/2008
Naltrexone injections for alcohol dependence: once-a-month treatment helps maintain sobriety 08/01/2004
Naltrexone Can Help Heavy Social Drinkers Quit Smoking 06/01/2009
Naltrexone + buproprion potentially effective for methamphetamine disorder 09/01/2016
Meet the Researchers Making a Difference in our Lives: Dr. Lara Ray 12/01/2014