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Naltrexone injections for alcohol dependence: once-a-month treatment helps maintain sobriety 08/01/2004
Naltrexone Can Help Heavy Social Drinkers Quit Smoking 06/01/2009
Naltrexone + buproprion potentially effective for methamphetamine disorder 09/01/2016
Meet the Researchers Making a Difference in our Lives: Dr. Lara Ray 12/01/2014
Low to Moderate, Not Heavy, Drinking Releases Feel-Good Endorphins in the Brain 06/01/2009
Holding your Liquor Indicate Alcohol Problems? 04/01/2013
Genetics, Stress and Environmental Cues Influence Relapse Drinking 03/01/2002
Gender Differences in Individuals with Opioid Use Disorder Receiving Inpatient Care 09/01/2018
Fine-Tuning Naltrexone Treatment for Alcoholics 10/01/2000
Extended-Release Naltrexone, Treatment for Alcohol Dependence, Improves Quality-of-Life Measures 02/01/2009
Extended-release Naltrexone for Treatment of Opioid and Alcohol Use Disorders in HIV Clinics 02/01/2017
Extended-Release Naltrexone and Buprenorphine-Naloxone Equally Safe and Effective: Outcomes from CTN-0051 12/01/2017
Certain Teens may have a Better Buzz Gene 01/01/2010
Blocking selected neurotransmitter activity may decrease alcohol consumption 01/01/2004
Behavioral Therapies Plus Pharmacotherapies Can Add Up to Success 12/01/2001
Alcoholism-treatment medication acamprosate may help abstinent alcoholics sleep better 09/01/2006
Addressing alcohol problems within the regular health care setting, and outside of specialized treatment 02/01/2006
Acamprosate: potential medication for treating alcoholism 08/01/2004
A sweet tooth may be a "marker" for the genetic risk for developing alcoholism 12/01/2003
A liking for sweets, combined with novelty seeking, may predict alcoholism 10/01/2004