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Technology-Assisted Care for Substance Use Disorders 08/01/2015
Substance Use Disorders Prevalent in Adult Primary Care Patients 08/01/2017
Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders Prevalent Among Patients with High-Risk Diabetes 04/01/2018
Study Examines the Effectiveness of Integrated Treatment 02/01/2010
Problem drinking is rarely discussed during medical visits, more so during psychiatric visits 08/01/2003
Primary Care-Based Models for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment 01/01/2017
Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol and ADHD 06/01/2012
New CTN Study: Computer-Facilitated Intervention for Adolescent Marijuana Use Prevention (CAMP) 02/01/2016
More Friends and More Money can Lead to High Risk Drinking. 04/01/2010
Integrating Buprenorphine into formerly "drug-free" programs 05/01/2016
Identifying Children Affected by Prenatal Alcohol Exposure 09/01/2010
Frequency of Cannabis Use and Behavioral Health Conditions in Primary Care Patients in WA 08/01/2018
Extended-release Naltrexone for Treatment of Opioid and Alcohol Use Disorders in HIV Clinics 02/01/2017
Doctor, Counselor, Cost-Cutter 02/01/2002
CTN Study Finds Promise for Flexible Screening Tool (TAPS Tool) 10/01/2016
Comparing screening instruments for alcohol dependence and abuse 12/01/2002
Biomarkers: Testing for Alcohol Consumption Among Women 05/01/2000
Barriers and Facilitators to Implementation of SUD Screening in Primary Care 05/01/2018
Addressing alcohol problems within the regular health care setting, and outside of specialized treatment 02/01/2006
“Hazardous” drinking and drug use have serious health implications 07/01/2005