Clinical Supervision I for King County-- Private Event

Northwest ATTC (2012-2017)


Educational Event: This is a Private Event: Registration only open to the King County workforce. Drawing from SAMHSA’s TIP 52, this course is designed to increase understanding and skill in assessing counselors in substance use treatment settings and building learning plans to guide their continued professional growth and development. It emphasizes the importance of structure and the collaborative teaching and mentoring aspects of clinical supervision. The basis for evaluation are: SAMHSA’s TAP 21 Addiction Counseling Competencies and Performance Assessment Rubrics for the Addiction Counseling Competencies. The content is generalizable to mental health and other settings. Experiential activities will enhance understanding of (a) culture in supervision, (b) methods of observation, (c) performance evaluation, (d) negotiation of learning plans, and (e) structuring of supervisory interviews.

Registration Fee: No cost to King County Workforce
Sound Mental Health CFS East Site
6400 Southcenter Blvd
Suite 200
Tukwila, Washington 98188
For more information, contact:
Anya Ludwig
Phone: 5034948255
King County
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