Technology-Based Interventions: Exploring New Models of Care – Navigating New Ethical Dilemmas

National Frontier and Rural ATTC (2012-2017)


Conference: Access to health care services, especially for individuals with stigmatizing conditions, remains a significant problem in the US, especially in frontier and rural areas. While these growing trends towards using technology-based interventions helps expand access and enhance care, it also raises specific practice concerns that administrators and practitioners need to take into consideration. This presentation will highlight: technology-based interventions; concerns and advantages to using tech-based interventions at the staff and organization levels; an agency-focused decision matrix; an introduction to methods and resources to help agencies move forward with implementing tech-based interventions to enhance and expand access to services for patients; the use of social networking websites by practitioners and patients; and social media policy dos and don'ts from a practitioner and organization perspective.

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