CATES 2017: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Relapse Prevention Strategies (Contra Costa County)

Pacific Southwest ATTC


Educational Event: The purpose of this interactive daylong CATES training is to provide participants with a detailed overview of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and relapse prevention (RP) strategies, the available resources and encourage use of these strategies in daily clinical practice. The training is broken into three parts. Part I will focus on the underlying principles of CBT and RP, including an introduction to CBT and RP and how the behavioral interventions are used in the treatment of substance use disorders; the 5 W’s – functional analysis, including demonstration/practice conducting a functional analysis. Part II will focus on the specific elements of CBT, including the trigger-thought-craving-use sequence; identifying triggers in high- and low- risk situations. Part III will focus on instructing participants on methods for using CBT strategies. All three parts of the training will include trainer demonstrations and group discussions.

Registration Fee: FREE
1875 Arnold Drive
Martinez, California 94553
For more information, contact:
Shannon Bertea
Phone: 310-267-5398