Latino Culture and Mental Health - NYC

Northeast & Caribbean Basin ATTC


Educational Event: In the general US population, 60 percent of people with mental health conditions and nearly 90 percent of people with substance use disorders don't receive the care they need. Addiction professionals tend to deal with the cultural perceptions and socioeconomic factors that compound mental health for Hispanic and Latino persons seeking recovery in their programs. This training will discuss the mental health problems commonly seen amongst the Hispanic and Latino communities in treatment. Content will also explore the benefits and develop skills of using culturally informed and recovery based approaches to engage, refer and support the Hispanic and Latino client in their recovery process.

Registration Fee: none
NDRI Training Institute
71 West 23rd Street
New York, New York 10010
For more information, contact:
Tri Cisek Chaple
Phone: 212-845-4527
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New York

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