SAPC Lecture Series: Marijuana-Care Considerations Post Legalization

Pacific Southwest ATTC


Educational Event: Cannabis legalization in California has raised many questions and concerns regarding the effect that it will have on the marijuana industry and the general population. This lecture will begin with an overview of the Cannabis Laws in California that have been developed throughout the years. There will be discussion of various issues that have occurred during the time of pre-legalization, and how these issues will change after the legalization of cannabis. The afternoon presentation will review current knowledge of psychosocial and health effects of cannabis use. Functional outcomes associated with cannabis use including school and work performance, medical conditions, cognition, quality of life, and psychiatric symptoms will be discussed. Co-occurring psychiatric disorders observed in cannabis users will be reviewed, including a discussion of early cannabis use as a risk factor for development of psychosis. The lecture will conclude with a panel discussion.

Registration Fee: FREE
County of Los Angeles Dept of Public Health, SAPC
1000 S. Fremont Ave
Lecture Hall-Building A-7
Alhambra, California 91803
For more information, contact:
Shannon Bertea
Phone: 310-267-5398