Cultural Competency: A Modality for Practice - NYC

Northeast & Caribbean Basin ATTC


Educational Event: (NEWLY UPDATED COURSE DESCRIPTION): Working with persons from diverse backgrounds in any discipline requires that professionals engage in a culturally responsive manner that can essentially increase the likelihood of successful outcomes for both agencies and consumers. This skills building training is designed to instruct on agency and systems level issues of culture including how bias and macroaggressions impact persons of marginalized communities, contrasting cultural values within the spectrum of dominant culture, the influence of client culture on engagement and communication for both provider and client and approaches to enhance collaboration, and culturally informed strategies for when visiting clients in their home.

Registration Fee: none
NDRI Training Institute
71 West 23rd Street
New York, New York 10010
For more information, contact:
Tri Cisek Chaple
Phone: 212-845-4527