Engaging Families of Youth in SUD Treatment - Washington State Providers

Northwest ATTC


Educational Event: For Washington State providers only.

Over the last 30 years, research has shown that family-based interventions are effective in combination with substance use disorder (SUD) treatment; however, integration of the two approaches remain relatively rare. This training will examine some of the common challenges found in engaging families of adolescents in family-based interventions for SUD treatment. It will discuss reasons families tend to avoid joining their loved one's therapy and demonstrate strategies to increase their motivation to do so. A review of several family-based interventions will highlight those that fall within the scope of practice of SUD counselors. Lastly, recognizing when to make referrals to a trained family therapist, in addition to suggestions to improve the coordination of care between SUD providers and family therapists, will be offered.

Instructor: Janis Crawford

Registration Fee: Free
Hampton Inn Spokane
2010 S Assembly Rd.
Sunset B room
Spokane, Washington 99224
For more information, contact:
Jennifer Verbeck
Phone: 206-685-4419
Email: jverbeck@uw.edu