Advanced Motivational Interviewing - King County Providers

Northwest ATTC

06/27/2018 - 06/28/2018

Educational Event: This training is for King County providers only.

Participants will deepen their practice of Motivational Interviewing to guide behavior change. Emphasis will be placed on (a) strategic use of the core skills in relation to the four processes, (b) practice in evoking and strengthening change talk, (b) and expanding the ability to soften sustain talk. Video, live demonstration, and interactive group exercises provide ample opportunity for continued skill development. This course is intended for people who have completed an introductory level of MI training.

Registration Fee: Free
Bethaday Learning Space
605 SW 108th St.
Seattle, Washington 98146
For more information, contact:
Jennifer Verbeck
Phone: 206-685-4419