Buprenorphine Waiver Training (Flagstaff)

Pacific Southwest ATTC


Educational Event: To prescribe buprenorphine, one of three medications approved by the FDA for the treatment of opioid use disorder, physicians are required to complete 8 hours of training in order to apply to the Drug Enforcement Agency for a waiver. This course will provide prescribers with the first 4 hours of required MAT training. Following completion of the course, attendees will be given a link to complete the remainder of the training at no cost from the Providers Clinical Support System (PCSS). Nurse Practitioners (NP) and Physician assistants (PA) are required to complete 24 hours of training including the 8 hour MAT training.

Registration Fee: $25
High Country Conference Center
201 West Butler Avenue
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
For more information, contact:
Keith Smith
Phone: 602-496-0140
Email: keith.smith.2@asu.edu