Understanding and Addressing Methamphetamines

Central East ATTC


Educational Event: To increase knowledge of methamphetamine use in West Virginia. Objectives: 1) Review epidemiology of methamphetamine use in West Virginia; 2) Identify at least 3 reasons why people may use methamphetamines; 3) List at least 3 characteristics of methamphetamines; 4) State 3 perceived benefits of methamphetamines; 5) Describe at least 4 long-term effects of methamphetamines; 6) Define the modes of administration; 7) List at least one pro and one con for each mode of administration; 8) Define the term “evidence-based treatment”; 9) List at least 2 evidence-based treatments for methamphetamine use disorder; and 10) State at least 3 harm reduction techniques for methamphetamine use.

Registration Fee: Free
Marshall University
Memorial Student Center Rm 2W22
One John Marshall Dr
Huntington, West Virginia 25755
For more information, contact:
Holly Ireland
Phone: 240-645-1145
Email: training@danyainstitute.org
Meth 9/19/18
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