What's Menthol Got to Do with It? Everything

Central East ATTC


Brief Technical Assistance: This webinar will discuss that historically, and continuing today, menthol products have been predatorily marketed to marginalized groups and most conspicuously to African Americans. * The results of predatory marketing has led to 85% of adults and 94% of teen African American smokers to smoke menthol cigarettes * Black folks die disproportionately from tobacco-related diseases compared to other race and ethnic groups * Menthol isn't deadly itself, but it allows the poison to go down easier! * The fight to restrict the sale of these products is picking up steam with San Francisco adopting a city-wide ban on selling menthol and all flavored tobacco products. * It is important for all tobacco control and health advocates to take up this issue and lend a voice against the social injustice being done.

Registration Fee: Free
This is a distance event.
For more information, contact:
Debbie Doherty
Phone: 240-645-1145
Email: training@danyainstitute.org
Menthol Webinar 9-18-18
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