HCV Current Initiative Training and Events

June 2016 through July 2016 events

07/07/2016 » Increasing Hep C Knowledge for Behavioral Health & Medical Providers
Hepatitis C (HCV) is the leading cause of cirrhosis and liver cancer. A majority of persons infected with HCV are unaware of their infection. While these persons are often serviced in behavioral health settings for substance abuse disorders, typically they're not counseled on their risk behavior for HCV. Integrating HCV services in behavioral health provides opportunities for prevention and linkage to health care and life saving treatment for persons infected who may not be informed about hepatitis C disease. This training is both instructional and interactive. The content will cover the epidemiology of hepatitis C infection, practice skills on how and when to promote HCV screening & testing, inform on patient considerations and current treatment options, and resources to facilitate linkage to care.
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