West Virginia Certification Board for Addiction Prevention Professionals (WVCBAPP)

West Virginia
1400 A Ohio Avenue
Dunbar, WV 25064
Phone: 304-768-2942
Fax: 304-768-1562
certification@wvcbapp.org -or- webmaster@wvcbapp.o


  • AADA - Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (IC&RC)
  • ADC - Alcohol Drug Counselor
  • CCJP - Certified Criminal Justice Professional (IC&RC)
  • CCS - Certified Clinical Supervisor
  • CPS - Certified Prevention Specialist
  • PR - Peer Recovery
Last Updated: 09/20/2017

The ATTC Network provides basic information on a variety of state, national, and some international bodies that offer licensing & credentialing for drug and alcohol counselors. To find out more information on specific licensing and credentialing certification requirements please use the contact information listed above.