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THE MESSENGER November 2017
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ATTC Network Workforce Report 2017
A National Qualitative Report

Esra Alagoz, PhD
Joyce Hartje, PhD
Maureen Fitzgerald, BA

The 2017 National Workforce Report was conducted as a follow-up to the previous ATTC Network workforce study report, Vital Signs: Taking the Pulse of the Addiction Treatment Workforce, A National Report (Ryan, Murphy, Krom, 2012) completed by the ATTC Network Coordinating Office in 2012. Vital Signs reported that annual turnover of direct care staff newly hired in the previous 12 months was 52 percent, and the previous 12-month turnover rate for all staff employed by the program was 18.5 percent.

High turnover rates add to provider training and recruitment costs and potentially threaten the quality of care received by clients entering SUD treatment. We developed the 2012–2017 study to gain further information about recruitment and retention because Vital Signs (as well as other national studies) reported high turnover rates, and we needed further insight into how high-performing agencies were recruiting and retaining their staff. 

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Addiction Science Made Easy

CTN Research Briefs
Meg Bruner, MLS

CTN Dissemination Library

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SAMHSA Resources

Key Substance Use and Mental Health Indicators in the United States: Results from the 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) 

SAMHSA Behavioral Health Equity Resources

National Tribal Behavioral Health Agenda

Resource for Researchers 

From the NIDA Clinical Trials Network:

Publishing Addiction Science: Guide for the Perplexed-Resource for Early Career and Experienced Researchers

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